NOTE: There is no longer a Railway in Aldeburgh


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The four and a half mile East Suffolk Railway single branch line from Saxmundham to Leiston was opened on 1 June 1859. Plans for a four mile extension to Aldborough had been lodged with the Board of Trade by 30 November 1858.  The extension and terminus station were opened on 12 April 1860.

The East Suffolk Railway was initially operated by Eastern Counties Railways which merged with other companies in 1862 to form the Great Eastern Railway. They intended to continue the line from Aldeburgh station to Slaughden and to link the line to the proposed Aldeburgh Pier but neither materialised.

In 1923, the London and North Eastern Railway took over operation of services.


Last Steam Train from Aldeburgh to Liverpool Street Station. Image courtesy of Pamela Smith.


Friday 5 October 1883: As the 7.5 a.m. up train was leaving Aldeburgh Station, the engine left the metals at the points near the ticket platform. Read more

Saturday 6 October 1883: The 5.22 p.m. train from Saxmundham, due at Aldeburgh at 5.45 p.m., and composed of tank engine No. 25, one composite carriage, two third class carriages, and the guard’s break-van, with about 28 passengers on board approached Aldeburgh Station too fast. The guard’s van skidded under full break, with fire flying from the wheels. The train, with apparently undiminished speed, dashed through the arcade, past the station, and, colliding with the spare composite carriage standing near the buffer stops, drove it and the massive buffer stops quite across the road, and within a few inches of the low wall fronting York Villas. Read more

25 July 1887: A young fellow, Knights, was injured in an accident while shunting at the Railway Station. Read more

Also see the ‘Last Train from Aldeburgh’ film.

Railway Employees at Aldeburgh

Walter I Allen – station master at Aldeburgh

Walter Barnes – passenger guard, lived at 17 Fawcett Road,

Monty Baskett – relief signalman at Aldeburgh

Sidney R Beales – clerk

Michael Beamish – signalman at Aldeburgh

William H ‘Billy’ Botterill – porter

Walter H Branch – guard (retired)

George Fillerton – guard (retired)

Hubert Havers – signalman at Aldeburgh

James Knights  – signalman at Aldeburgh station; started at Aldeburgh in 1912 with the Great Eastern Railway; break for active service; returned to Aldeburgh station in 1918;  transferred to the London North Eastern Railway in 1923 and British Railways in 1947; retired 10 April 1957 … [information courtesy of his grandson Ian Knights]

William A Marjoram – guard

William Moutell – engine driver, lived at 97 Saxmundham Road

Frank Partridge – signalman at Aldeburgh

Tony Spatchett – relief signalman at Aldeburgh

Frederick Thirkettle – engine driver, lived at 3 Fairfield Terrace

Henry Vale – signalman at Aldeburgh

William H Wright – guard, lived at 30 Park Road


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If you know of any other Aldeburgh men employed by the railway, or men from elsewhere who worked there, please contact us.



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