Fort Green Mill

Fort Green Mill was built in 1824.

The mill is NOT a listed building.

It was a four-storey tower mill with a domed cap. It carried four double patent sails on a cast iron windshaft driving two pairs of millstones for grinding corn. The cap had a six-bladed fantail.

1877 advertisement

The mill structure was originally encircled by a stone wall with wooden gate (see image below).

Fort Green Mill Aldeburgh c.1890
1902 before conversion
after conversion 1925

See image

May be an image of outdoors

The mill was converted to a private residence in 1902. See image taken in 1938.

Fort Green Mill 2019

Fort Green Mill is currently undergoing renovation works. The following ‘then’ and ‘now’ images below are courtesy of Sudbury-based ELC Contractors.

May be an image of outdoors

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