1896: Religious Knowledge Examinations

The Norwich Diocesan Board of Education has just issued the results of the examinations in religious knowledge in May. Of the 161 pupil teachers and 37 candidates examined, 137 pupil teachers and 23 candidates passed.

Among the pupil teachers who have passed are the following:

Fourth year.

First class: Ellen M. Ward, Aldeburgh

Second year.

First class: Ada J. Wightman, Aldeburgh

First year.

First class: Gertrude Creasy, Aldeburgh;  Joseph G. S. Barber, Aldeburgh

The number of scholars examined was 881.

Among the Suffolk passes are the following:

Seventh standard.

[First class]: Alice Hurry, Aldeburgh; Arthur Churchyard, Aldeburgh

Second class: Leah Wightman, Aldeburgh; Mabel Lovett, Aldeburgh

Sixth standard.

First class: Leonard Creasy, Aldeburgh

Second class: Horace Basham, Aldeburgh; Violet Ward, Aldeburgh

Third class: Angus Ashford, Aldeburgh

Fifth standard.

First class: Frederick Thorpe, Aldeburgh

Second class: Chas. Balls, Aldeburgh; Ernest Easter, Aldeburgh

Fourth standard.

First class: Mabel Lovett, Aldeburgh; Edith Hayward, Aldeburgh; Chas. Ward, Aldeburgh; Morriss Butcher, Aldeburgh; William Ward, Aldeburgh

Second class: Gertrude K. Waskett, Aldeburgh

The Ipswich Journal, Saturday 1 August 1896

[Only Aldeburgh candidates’ names have been extracted]