Aldeburgh Bands

Over the years there have been a number of Aldeburgh Bands including:

  • Aldeburgh Artillery Band (also known as Aldeburgh Artillery Corps Band?)
  • Aldeburgh British Legion Band
  • Aldeburgh Jubilee Brass Band (also known as Aldeburgh Town Jubilee Band?)
  • Aldeburgh Mission Band (pictured below)
  • Aldeburgh Town Band – bandmasters included J. G. Walsh
  • Aldeburgh Volunteer Band
  • Walsh’s Dance Band

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Aldeburgh Artillery Band

During the Aldeburgh Regatta in September 1868, a display of fireworks took place near the Moot Hall. Apparently the Aldeburgh Artillery Corps Band were asked to play but refused and the Saxmundham Volunteers Band played instead!

Aldeburgh British Legion Band

The British Legion Band played for the “Annual Pilgrimage of Witness” at Iken on Sunday 9 July 1939.

Aldeburgh Mission Band

Aldeburgh Mission Band c. 1909. Photo courtesy of Alec Burwood.

Back Row, Left Frank Burwood, next Lloyd Burwood, second from right Russell Burwood (whose name appears on the war memorial)

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