Probate records for former Aldeburgh residents who died after 1858:


James William ALMOND died 23 October 1904:

ALMOND James William of Aldeburgh Suffolk retired trinity-pilot died 23 October 1904. Probate Ipswich 3 March (1905) to Milicia Almond widow. Effects £105 15s

[James William Almond was the husband of Milicia Almond, the landlady of the Three Mariners at Slaughden. They previously lived at Ocean Villas on Crag Path.]

Elizabeth Garrett ANDERSON died 17 December 1917:

ANDERSON Elizabeth Garrett of Alde House Aldeburgh Suffolk widow died 17 December 1917. Probate London 20 March (1918) to Louisa Garrett Anderson M.D. spinster sir Alan Garrett Anderson K.B.E. and George Garrett maltster. Effects £24098 3s. 9d.

James George Skelton ANDERSON died 25 March 1907

ANDERSON James George Skelton of 5 Fenchurch-avenue London and Alde-house Aldeburgh Suffolk died 25 March 1907 at 114a Harley-street Middlesex. Probate London 8 May (1907) to Elizabeth Garrett Anderson widow Alan Garrett Anderson shipowner and George Herbert Garrett maltster. Effects £165297 12s. 8d.


Charles Samuel BARLEY died 15 February 1950

BARLEY Charles Samuel of 1 Park-road Aldeburgh Suffolk died 15 February 1950 at The Cottage Hospital Aldeburgh.  Administration Ipswich 25 March (1950) to Zillah Elizabeth Barley widow. Effects £369 10s.

Harold Wesley BARLEY died 25 March 1930

BARLEY Harold Wesley of Margaret Villa Saxmundham-road Aldeburgh Suffolk died 25 March 1930 at the Hospital Ipswich. Administrtion Ipswich 19 February (1932) to Mary Agnes Barley widow. Effects £595.

Louisa BARLEY neé ALEXANDER died 8 October 1934

BARLEY Louisa of Neptune House Aldeburgh Suffolk (wife of Samuel Charles Barley) died 8 October 1934. Probate Ipswich 30 August  (1935) to Charlotte Louisa Cullen spinster. Effects £200.

Thomas William BARLEY died 12 November 1951

BARLEY Thomas William of 215 High-street Aldeburgh Suffolk died 12 November 1951. Probate London 5 January (1952) to Thomas Patrick Barley butcher. Effects £2,493 0s. 1d.

Ernest James BLOCK died 14 July 1913

BLOCK Ernest James of Aldeburgh Suffolk grocer died 14 July 1913 Administration (with Will) Ipswich 5 August (1913) to Emily Mary Block widow. Effects £172 9s. 2d.


Mary Elizabeth COSTICK neé BARLEY died 23 April 1927

COSTICK Mary Elizabeth of Marlborough House Kensington-road Ipswich widow died 23 April 1927. Administration Ipswich 1 June (1927) to Dorothy May Last (wife of Douglas Harold Last). Effects £228 6s. 2d.


Wilhemine Henriette Murray GALSWORTHY died 19 June 1962:

GALSWORTHY Wilhemine Henriette Murray of Sandhill Park Road Aldeburgh Suffolk widow died 19 June 1962 Probate London 19 September (1962) to Diana Catherine Isabel Reid (wife of David William Reid) and the said David William Reid brigadier H.H. army and Brian Justin Pritchard solicitor. Effects £27797 11s.


Nicholas Fenwick HELE died 5 February 1892

HELE Nicholas Fenwick of Rowley House Aldeburgh Suffolk esquire died 5 February 1892. Probate Ipswich 22 March (1892) to Harriet Hele widow and William Henry Hall brewer. Effects £2,684 9s. 4d.

Dudley Francis Amelius HERVEY died 1 June 1911

HERVEY Dudley Francis Amelius of Belstead Aldeburgh Suffolk died 1 June 1911. Probate London 4 October  (1912) to Griselda Mary Theophila Hervey widow. Effects £816 3s. 10d.

Griselda Mary Theophila HERVEY died 1 April 1929

HERVEY Griselda Mary Theophila of Belstead House School Aldeburgh Suffolk widow died 1 April 1929 at 2 Canning-place Middlesex. Administration (with Will) London 22 June (1929) to Dudley Edward Francis Cyril Hervey gentleman and Grizelda Violet Finetta Hariet Georgiana Hervey spinster. Effects £32,710 1s. 1d.


Alice Jane JAY died 18 November 1958

JAY Alice Jane of 27 Park Lane Aldeburgh Suffolk spinster died 18 Nov 1958. Probate Ipswich 20 February (1959) to Jane Marian Savage widow. Effects £3,676 15s. 10d.


George Oliver KNOWLES died 4 July 1932

KNOWLES George Oliver of 27 The Terrace Aldeburgh Suffolk died 4 July 1932. Probate London 16 August (1932) to Frank Leonard Knowles builder and Charles Horn traveller. Effects £4,336 7s.

Sarah Ann KNOWLES died 7 November 1932

KNOWLES Sarah Ann of 27 The Terrace Aldeburgh Suffolk widow died 7 November 1932. Probate London 28 June (1934) to Frank Leonard Knowles builder and Florence Georgina Phillips (wife of Arthur Phillips). Effects £503 1s. 5d.


Mary REEDER died 18 February 1890

REEDER Mary. 1 May (1890). The Will of Mary Reeder late of Aldeburgh in the County of Suffolk Spinster who died 18 February 1890 at Aldeburgh was proved at the Principal Registry by Louisa Garrett (Wife of Newsom Garrett, Esquire) of Aldeburgh the sole Executrix. Personal estate £26 7s. 6d.

[Mary Reeder is understood to have been born in 1789 and so would have been a centenarian at the time of her death]


Elizabeth Sarah SELF died 15 January 1944

SELF Elizabeth Sarah of 29 Park-lane Aldeburgh Suffolk widow died 15 January 1944. Probate Ipswich 5 April (1944) to Gordon Tilbery Self bank official. Effects £1.297 6s. 11d.

John Franklin SELF died 25 December 1943

SELF John Franklin of 20 Park-lane Aldeburgh Suffolk died 25 December 1943. Administration (with Will) Ipswich 3 July (1944) to Gordon Tilbery Self bank official. Effects £1,276 16s. 2d.

Samuel Wightman SMYTH died 6 April 1906

SMYTH Samuel Wightman of the “Elms” Aldeburgh Suffolk J.P. died 6 April 1906. Probate Ipswich 25 July (1906) to Sophia Amelia Smyth widow. Effects £5,273 15s. 9d.

Mildred SPECK neé JAY died 5 March 1963

SPECK Mildred of 27 Park Lane Aldeburgh Suffolk widow died 5 March 1963. Probate Ipswich 9 April (1963) to Jean Russell married woman. Effects £1,094 6s. 4d.


James Miller WARD died 8 May 1936

WARD James Miller of 71 King-street Aldeburgh Suffolk died 8 May 1936. Probate London 8 June (1936) to John Noel Cooper solicitor. Effects £195.

Arthur Thomas WINN died 5 October 1927

WINN Arthur Thomas of The Uplands, Aldeburgh, Suffolk died 5 October 1927, Probate Ipswich 29 November (1927) to Constance Winn widow. Effects £3,537 4s. 2d.

1898: Aldeburgh Town Councillor Fined

Before Mr. H.F. Harwood (chairman), Messrs. G. A.  Crasey, W. Jolly, and J. Loder, and Majors Mellor and Moor, at Woodbridge Petty sessions this afternoon, George Oliver Knowles, builder, Aldeburgh (a member of the Town Council), was charged with having assaulted Edward Thomas Coe, at Aldeburgh, on January 21st.

Mr. W. Marshall, of Ipswich, appeared for the defendant.

Complainant said he was walking from his house when he met the defendant, whom he had not spoken to for weeks previously. He and the defendant got to the top of the Town Steps together, and without saying a word defendant struck him a violent blow in the eye which cut it, and as he picked up his hat defendant struck him twice more. Knowles called him opprobrious names, and would not tell complainant why he struck him. They quarrelled last November. He considered it a most brutal and cowardly attack.  

Cross-examined: The event of last November had nothing to do with this case. He did not use any vile language to the defendant on November 16th. And had not given the defendant any provocation in the street since. He could not say how many times he had been convicted at Aldeburgh or Woodbridge.

The Chairman here remarked that he thought Mr. Marshall was straining the question of the alleged disputes between the parties a little too much, and Mr. Marshall did not pursue that course further. Elizabeth Airy, widow, Aldeburgh, said she witnessed the assault, but heard nothing pass between the two parties previous to that. She was only about eight or ten yards off.

Mr. Marshall said his client had not been convicted of any offence before magistrates; while the complainant had been convicted some 20 times. Upon that man’s evidence the Bench had to convict. The complainant said he was knocked down, but his witness had not corroborated him. The assault arose from continual persecution by the complainant, who had told the defendant, before his workmen, that he was a man of straw, whose credit was gone.

The Chairman said the Bench were compelled to convict, but would only fine the defendant 6s., with £1 12s. 7d. costs, or seven days in default. They did not consider , although there might have been previous provocation, that the defendant, as a gentleman, had a right to take the law into his own hands, but should have exercised a little more self-control. As to how Coe could be dealt with they had had him before them, and had to send him to gaol, and if he broke the law again they might have to take a similar course.

The Ipswich Journal, Friday 4 March 1898