1908: Mayor’s Banquet at Aldeburgh

On Saturday evening, the Mayor of Aldeburgh (Mrs. Garrett Anderson, M.D.) entertained some forty guests, including the Town Council, at the White Lion Hotel, Aldeburgh.

– The toast-list was a long one, the most important being that of “The Colonies,” proposed by Mr. Alan Anderson (Orient Line), son of the Mayor, and responded to by Capt. Collins, R.N.

– Dr. Beverley, of Norwich, responded for the “Medical Profession,” and drew attention to the fact that Aldeburgh, in its Mayor, had honoured his profession, for Mrs. Anderson had been president of the East Anglian Medical Congress.

– The Mayor, responding to the toast  of “The Borough,” said she would try in her year of office to be a sort of motherly house-keeper, and would try to make the town, of which they were justly so proud, neater and more elegant, for being elegant was not wickedness. They must not talk, but as a Council work together.

– A most enjoyable evening was spent.

Norfolk Chronicle, Saturday 19 December 1908

1885: Six of One and Half-a-Dozen of the Other


MOOT HALL, Saturday, February 7. – Before N. Garrett, Esq. (chairman), and James Pettit, Esq.


Annie Maria Ward, wife of James Miller Ward, charged Louisa, wife of James Laws, with assaulting her on the 22nd January last.

– The evidence disclosed that the parties are sisters-in-law, and the assault, which was mutual, took place in High-street, after a regular “sisterly” quarrel, during which some very “choice” language was used on both sides.

– The Magistrates dismissed the case, characterising it as a “family brawl,” in which one was as bad as the other.

– Considerable amusement was caused during the hearing of the evidence, the attitude of the litigants being frequently pugilistic, causing the Chairman to remark, amidst much laughter, that “he should not like to quarrel with either of them.”

The Ipswich Journal, Tuesday 10 February 1885

1878: Aldeburgh – National Schools

On Monday last, July 29th, Pinder’s Continental Circus paid a visit to this town, when all the scholars of the National Schools were kindly taken, and paid for, by our kind-hearted friend, Newson Garrett, Esq., of Alde House.  The performance was much enjoyed by the three hundred young people.

The Ipswich Journal, Tuesday 6 August 1878

1869: Aldeburgh – Bazaar

On Thursday week a bazaar was held at the Brudenell Hotel, Aldeburgh, in aid of the funds for re-benching the parish church, a work which has recently been completed. The amount required had been raised with the exception of about £150, and the admission-money and sales provided nearly £120 of this amount, leaving but a small deficit to be cleared off on Friday, when the bazaar was again open.

In its management, Mrs. Fletcher, Mrs. Newson Garrett, and Mrs. J. Beart took an active part. The stalls were abundantly supplied with every variety of goods, both useful and ornamental, and were attended by Miss Garrett M.D., Miss Agnes and Miss Rose Garrett; Mrs. Fletcher and the Misses Fletcher; Mrs Johnson (Blundeston) and Miss Johnson; Miss Foster, Mrs. William Muriel and Mrs. James Garrett. These ladies, with Captain Fletcher and Mr. N. Garrett, formed the Committee appointed to carry out the undertaking, and they are to be congratulated on their success.

The Bury and Norwich Post, and Suffolk Herald, Thursday 21 September 1869

1867: Aldeburgh – Petty Sessions, Sept. 28

[Before Capt. James and H. L. Freeman, Esq.]

The renewal of licenses was adjourned three weeks ago until this morning. Beside the renewal of the licenses of the old houses, there was an application for a new license for Handel’s Hotel, which was opposed by Mr. R. R. Hill, for the Aldeburgh Hotel Company. The license was supported by Mr. R. L. Mayhew, of Saxmundham. After a short discussion, the Magistrates granted the license.

Thomas Haken, 13, Henry Vincent, 13, and John Wink, 10, were charged by p.c. Hammond with stealing a quantity of pears, the property of Newson Garrett, Esq. After a severe reprimand from the Magistrates, they were discharged.

The Halesworth Times and East Suffolk Advertiser, 8 October 1867