2016: Centenary of The Battle of the Somme

Friday 1 July marks the centenary of the beginning of The Battle of the Somme. It was the largest battle of the First World War on the Western Front; more than one million men were wounded or killed in the four and a half months it lasted. Among those killed were men from Aldeburgh including:

01-July-1916 Stewart Alexander CRUM
01-July-1916 Philip Squarey HOUGHTON
03-July-1916 Maurice Freshfield JONES
03-July-1916 George MARSHALL 
20-July-1916 Frederick John MOUNTAIN
17-August-1916 Bertie CRACKNELL
22-August-1916 Harry Edward CADY
16-September-1916 Alfred Colby ALLERTON

We will remember them and also:

12-October-1916     Richard HAKEN
12-October-1916     Reginald Ernest PECK

both killed ‘somewhere in France’.

You can read more about these men and all those others who gave their lives during the First World War in “Aldeburgh War Memorial: The story behind the names” by Simon Last and Michael Good.