Aldeburgh Boatyard


Demon Yachts takes over running of Aldeburgh Boatyard

Demon Yachts Ltd are very excited to have taken over the running of the Aldeburgh Boatyard.

Aldeburgh Boatyard and its skilled team have a fine history of interesting builds and restorations including:

  • Building Dragons, Metre Boats, several members of the Loch Long and Lapwing class, and many one-off builds such as a replica of Blondie Hasler’s ‘Jester’.
  • Restorations such as the 8 metre ‘if’, several 6 metre class yachts and many, many others besides.

Demon Yachts say:

We hope to continue Aldeburgh Boatyard’s fine history! The yard is capable of launching and recovering yachts up to 12 tonnes and we have plenty of space for winter storage, costs available here. We can also carry out all kinds of GRP and timber repairs, yearly maintenance such as antifouling, anode replacement etc, and can carry out all types of rigging work, engine servicing etc either in house or via a network of suppliers and specialist contractors.

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