1858: Fishing Rights

James Ward, 68 years old said he lived at Aldbro’ and had always lived there. He fished in the sea and the river both. He fished in all parts of the river for soles and codlings and other sort of fish. He fished with lines and nets. He generally went to the river in winter. He had fished for 45 years and had seen Aldbro’ men fishing there. He never had a license. His nets were taken away about 38 years ago, when he was fishing in the river. The nets were returned about 2 months later and two one pound notes with them.

Cross examined: “I have fished there since. I have never been meddled with since. I have seen the water-bailiffs when I have been fishing there. I was a married man then.”

Mr. Paver: “Did you promise not to come again?”

Witness, after a great deal of hesitation, “Yes, I did.”

Also Samuel Ward, fisherman and other also gave evidence that they had fished in the Orford River.

Orford men won fishing rights.

Suffolk Chronicle, Supplement, 3 August 1858

[transcription taken many years ago – not verified against actual article]

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