Aldeburgh Museum

The Moot Hall | Aldeburgh | Suffolk | IP15 5DS
Tel: 01728 454666

The Aldeburgh Museum is housed in the Moot Hall, one of the most important timber-framed public buildings in England. Dating from the first half of the 16th Century it originally contained six small shops on the ground floor and a spacious meeting chamber on the first floor. The Town Council still meets here today and it provides an attractive display area for the Museum.

Visit the Museum to learn about life in Aldeburgh through the ages:

  • Early settlers – Romans and Anglo-Saxons
  • Shipbuilding, trade and fishing
  • Aldeburgh witches
  • Regency resort
  • Slaughden and the Martello Tower
  • and much more

Opening Hours

Month Opens Closes
April 2.30pm 5.00pm
May 2.30pm 5.00pm
June 12.00 noon 5.00pm
July 12.00 noon 5.00pm
August 12.00 noon 5.00pm
September 2.30pm 5.00pm
October 2.30pm 5.00pm

The Museum is closed from 1 November to 31 March.

A glimpse inside the museum

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